His father studied hairdressing when he was 57 years old to help the family business.

Alberto Cerdan started working at the salon with 12 years.

The earliest memories of Alberto are the smell of perm liquids and the music of dryers.

But he doesn't remember having a vacation in the past 30 years.

His communication skills have made him a media personality, proof of which are his collaborations with newspapers, radio and television (Día a día, Tómbola, Corazón de verano).

His first exhibition took place in the 'salon rosa' in Paseo de Gracia, nowadays his coleccions have paraded all over the world, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Moscow, Rome, Milan, Monaco...

International celebrities have passed through his hands: Elsa Pataky, Genoveva Casanova, Joan Collins, Claudia Schiffer, Noor of Jordan, Bar Rafaeli and Kate Blanchet.

Usual national celebrities: Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Lola Herrera, Olivia de Borbón, Monica Hoyos and Ana Millán.

Alberto Cerdan was born in Navarra, but at a very young age his family moved to Barcelona, where his parents opened a hairdressing salon.

His father bravely decided to quit his job to learn a new trade "hairdresser"

That master, who is able to shape a living matter such as hair and individually design it for each person, learned this art from the hands of his parents in the small room:

Fashion is the engine of our personal autonomy, not just an aesthetic luxury .

Hair has always marked targets, lifestyle, cultural movements and social traits

This expresses Alberto Cerdan one of the biggest international names in hairdressing, which besides being a great professional style is an excellent communicator.

Ahead of its time using the small screen to make the public lose the fear of looking into the mirror. He achieved dramatic changes and thanks to his advice many see of us improved their image and obtained more benefit.

He has worked on large productions of different TV channels such as:

No te lo pierdas de Alfonso Arús en TV3

Tómbola en Canal 9

Corazón de verano de Anne Igartiburu en TVE

Sabor a ti de Ana Rosa Quintana en ANTENA 3

Día a día de Maria Teresa Campos en TELE 5

Dónde estás Corazón de Jaime Cantizano en ANTENA 3

Mujeres ricas en CUATRO TV

Much of his career developed at CEBADO as artistic director, but his mastery as a major creator of styles and trends comes to a climax with his own salons (Alberto Cerdan and See you by Alberto Cerda).

The career of Alberto Cerdan is characterized by its technical quality and differentiation in style. Cut with a perfect technical base but developing creativity at the service of beauty.

Alberto Cerdan is looking fora style for a contemporary and modern women, without any shrillness, characterized by freshness and elegance. The goal is to beautify the customer.

Alberto Cerda is the stylist and hairdresser to the famous par excellence:

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario

Alejandra Prat

Olivia de Borbón

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

Elsa Pataky

Mar Reguera


Mira Sorbino

Noor de Jordania

Claudia Schiffer

Joan Collins

Everything about the customer is the example of the philosophy of Alberto Cerdan, whilest always at the service ov comfort, simplicity, elegance, privacy, cleanliness and order.

Each client is unique, and should feel unique.

In the past 5 years there is a big secret that explains all the achievements and successes of Alberto Cerdan.

This secret has two names: Amalia Padrón and Nora Cerdan, his wife and daughter who are the pillars of this great company and family.